Need For an Online Presence in 2021.

need for an online presence


During the COVID-19 pandemic, many staple businesses have understood the need for an Online Presence, to sustain their business model. So you may ask, why is it so important to have an Online Presence in the year 2021.

See, in the last 4-5 years, internet penetration has increased significantly, especially in India, thanks to JIO. People are now connected to the internet like never before, and their smartphones have become their 24/7 companion.

Now, due to this, there are some subtle changes in the world of business.

Changes in the World of Business

Marketing in 2021

Let’s start with the marketing part. Earlier if you wanted to advertise your products or services, the two primary means were, Television and Print Media, and both required quite a lot of money. 

Things have changed now.

In today’s world of connected beings, an advertisement can even start from as low as 100 rupees and can reach a potential audience of say 4000-5000 people. You can have a banner ad, a video ad, a pop-up, and a lot more.

You can target the ad to a really narrowed down group of people, who are the perfect buyers for your product and service.

Now that’s how the marketing world has changed, and now you can probably understand why Digital Marketing is on the rise.

Well, let’s move on to a different aspect to understand the need for an Online Presence.

Impact of Google

Earlier when we used to hear any new brand name, product, or service, we used to discuss with our close ones to verify the existence and trustworthiness of the brand. 

But now we have Google at our service, and people are a lot more aware than before.

Nowadays, before opting out for any product or service, from any brand for that matter, consumers search for the details of what they want, verify the prices, and check for the competition to get the best possible deal. 

So if your brand doesn’t have an online presence, or if there is any stone unturned in that domain, you might potentially lose customers.

So far we have discussed the need for an Online Presence, but the question is how shall we proceed with it.

How to Proceed?

Well, first, and the most basic thing that you need is a website for your brand. This website will give all the required info to anyone who wants to know about your brand or its products/services. 

If you need help with building your website, you can contact me for further help.

Now next comes social media pages, like that of Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn. Additionally, a Twitter handle, and if possible a YouTube channel can also be beneficial.

Another way to boost up your online presence is by using services like Google My-Business, Just-Dial, IndiaMart, etc. The benefit of using these services is that they can get you access to many potential customers, within a short span of time.

Depending on the type of business you are running or planning to start, you can make these social media pages dormant, or you can maintain regularity, and try for content-driven marketing.

The same goes for your website as well, you can either use a static website, or you can also try content-driven-marketing. 

Lastly, depending on your business, having an application of your own can be really helpful, but developing, deploying, and maintaining a mobile application can be a bit expensive, so it’s not something you must have.

With that we discussed, the need for having an Online Presence in 2021, and also how you can proceed with that. 


To conclude, I would say, if you have any plans of starting your own venture, make sure to tick all the boxes, to make your brand have a stellar online presence.

If you are already having a business, that’s not yet Online, start working on it, before it’s too late.

Thanks for reading, drop in your suggestions, and comments below.

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