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Hi, it’s Amitesh here. Being a business enthusiast, and a wannabe entrepreneur, I love to talk about different entrepreneurship ideas. Tune in with me for some exciting content on Entrepreneurship and Business, and a lot more.
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Hi , I am Amitesh Ray currently pursuing by B.Tech in Electronics and Communications Engineering.

I like to introduce myself as a patient learner, a tech enthusiast, as well an ambitious business enthusiast and wanna be entrepreneur.

Currently I have my expertise in WordPress Website Development, SEO, Content Writing, Google Ads, and Facebook Ads, LinkedIn Marketing, 

My additional skills include Video/Photo-editing, Photography, Team Management.

I would like to share my insights and learnings, with everyone else, in the process of educating & learning myself.

“ENTREPRENEURSHIP”…A feasible career option in 2021?

Introduction The word “ENTREPRENEURSHIP” has gained popularity, especially in 2020, due to the COVID-19  pandemic. The reason for this is mainly the huge job losses, that have occurred in the so-called “conventional” career options. Thus “off-track” career options like that of ENTREPRENEURSHIP are something people are curious about. Is ENTREPRENEURSHIP a feasible career option in

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need for an online presence

Need For an Online Presence in 2021.

Introduction During the COVID-19 pandemic, many staple businesses have understood the need for an Online Presence, to sustain their business model. So you may ask, why is it so important to have an Online Presence in the year 2021. See, in the last 4-5 years, internet penetration has increased significantly, especially in India, thanks to

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