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Well, I was asked by one of my batch mates to write some technical stuff for the Departmental Magazine, of Our College.

But then I wondered, technology keeps evolving all the time, and what I write today will eventually get obsolete within a short span of time, and moreover, if you wish to gain knowledge Google is there for you, and if you wanna learn about what new tech is coming up every day, checkout my blog Tech2Stop.com (#promotion). Jokes apart,

Let’s talk about something different today.

We have all completed our 10th and 12th standards, and then the competitive, and now we are pursuing our undergrad engineering degree. Now if you just rewind back to this journey, you will notice one thing, that most of the time, it’s your grades that decided, what you become or pursue, rather than your interest or passion. More on that later.

Let me give you a small reference, in order to bring clarity to my point of view.

In the first semester, post 1 or 2 weeks of my classes, I realized a very annoying thing.

The whole curriculum itself is designed, in such a manner, that at the end of 4 years, you can be taken up by a company. After reading this line if your question is

“ What’s wrong with it?”

Then definitely read this article further.

So right from the teaching to the grooming part, everything is placement oriented.

For example, professors will tell you, “these questions, come in the interview”, teachers responsible for developing our communicative skills will tell you, “Answer this question like this, or else the HR will not give you the job”.

Right from the dress code to the way we are taught, every single thing is job oriented.  Even while selecting a college, what matters the most to everyone, are the last year’s placement stats.

Well, I am not saying jobs are bad, neither am I saying, that the curriculum is wrong, but what I am trying to tell is we are only taught to become an employee over the span of 4 years.

And, this is what needs to be changed.

If you train and guide every student out there, to become an employee, even the potential employers who could have made a difference, are also lost in the same crowd.

In India, people say there is a shortage of jobs, and there’s a lot of unemployed engineers in the market. So if all educational institutes are only focussed on creating employees, then where will the employers come from?

If you closely notice, you can see one thing, that during this covid-19 pandemic the GOVT. is trying to push startups in India, though it’s various schemes and policies.

Why do you think that’s happening, because, people are losing jobs in this economic crisis, and so the creation of jobs is one of the highest priorities.

Now you might say that nowadays, colleges have an entrepreneurship cell, which looks after unique ideas presented by students.

Well, these kinds of initiatives will not be utilized to their full potential, unless the curriculum and the whole system brings in some major changes to make sure, that every student gets both the training in balanced proportions so that a potential employer doesn’t get lost in this huge crowd of employees.

You might be thinking that if you happen to land a job, you get stable finances, a fixed routine, and moreover a sense of security.

But trust me if you can take the risk of putting this security aside, you can probably gain a lot more, like independence, self-satisfaction, which 90% of the time you can’t get in a job.

Trust me even if you don’t have  the same sense of security as a job, it feels a lot better to be your own boss…

Though not a technical article, this is something I have always wanted to talk about, and hopefully, you also understood my point of view.

Thanks for Reading,

– Amitesh Ray.